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East Grinstead Camera Club – Club Programme 2023-24

07/09/23 Members’ Social: Pre-season get together. Venue and time to be announced.
14/09/23 Members’ Evening: Welcome back and sharing the photography we did over the summer.
21/09/23 Talk (in person): Floral Fine Art
Looking at being more adventurous with flower and plant photography, with light, simplicity, shapes, textures, inversion and botanical presentations. Photoshop ideas for post processing to enhance your floral images.
Presenter: Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE*5
28/09/23 Competition: 1st Open PDI and Print
Judge: Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1* QPSA
05/10/23 Talk (zoom): Street and Documentary
John Gill is a street and documentary photographer from West Yorkshire. Together with his wife Bridget, they have an on-going project called “After the Coal Dust” that documents life in the former industrial areas of the UK. Specialising in black and white, all the photographs are taken candidly in the streets, shops, and cafes of the local area. Images from the project have been exhibited in the UK and Japan and After the Coal Dust book was released in 2020. The presentation includes a selection of images from After the Coal Dust and other projects and a discussion of not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ of this type of photography.
Presenter: John Gill
12/10/23 Talk: (in person): Breaking the Rules – A different perspective on the conventional rules of composition
How often have you heard a judge analyse an image in a competition and make reference to spacing, cropping, horizons not being level etc? This talk looks at how you can ‘Break the Rules’ and create more interesting images. This is not a talk about anarchy, after all I am a judge, but some ideas about how you can be more creative and use your understanding of rules to produce images that are competition worthy – but might just challenge some of the more traditional judges!
Presenter: Roger Mendham LRPS
19/10/23 Competition: Portrait of the Year
Judge: Fraser Visser
26/10/23 Talk (zoom): Astrophotography
A talk by an astrophotographer, sky photographer, musician (drummer) and astronomy writer
Presenter: Nik Szymanek
02/11/23 Talk (zoom): The Art of Macro
This talk is about my experience and knowledge of macro photography in the field, shooting invertebrates. It covers my philosophy and approach to photography as an art. I will of course show my best macro images, but the talk is about far more than a set of pretty pictures.
Presenter: Tony North BPE5 DPAGB
09/11/23 Competition: 2nd Open PDI and Print
Judge: Paul Graber
16/11/23 Talk (in person): Making Sense of the Landscape
The talk describes my personal approach to identifying and taking images that I feel best translate from the experience of enjoying being in the landscape to artistic 2D representations that one would want to frame and put on the wall. Failing that, which is as much a function of the weather and light on the day, to at least get a good record of a place visited. I try to explain that landscape photography is as much about managing expectations as anything else. Living in hope but accepting disappointment!
Presenter: Eddie Hyde FRPS
23/11/23 Members’ Evening:  Abstracted Reality, a video presentation by Jane Trotter, followed by ‘Achieving ARPS’ Andy Marshall.
30/11/23 Talk: The Joy of Wildlife
Judge: Richard Sharman ARPS
07/12/23 Talk (zoom): Home Photography
This was a daily photographic project I set myself over the lockdown period taking images every day in the confines of my home. The talk covers many styles of photography and will offer creative ideas for people. I show behind the scenes images of the set up I’ve used.
Presenter: Justin Garner
11/12/23 Competition: Inter-club ‘Mix and Match’
Details of this year’s mix and match to be announced. The competition will be held in person.
Judge: Fraser Visser
14/12/23 Members’ Social: ‘Fish and Chip’ Supper and Quiz night
21/12/23 No meeting
28/12/23 No meeting
04/01/23 No meeting
11/01/24 Talk (zoom): Abstract and a little bit of Landscape
this presentation charts my photographic journey through time. content focuses on the different styles of my photography, why each is important and part of the ‘journey’. Starting with my early Landscape work which became increasingly simplified and abstracted. I then moved fully into the world of abstraction. Acknowledging that some of my early experiments weren’t overly successful. I look at how I used these as learning opportunities to produce work of which I am now incredibly proud. Each time I present this lecture I update it with new work so that it’s never exactly the same.
Presenter: Linda Bembridge
18/01/24 Competition: 3rd Open PDI and Print
Judge: David Hughes ARPS, DPAGB, BPE3*
25/01/24 Competition: Nature
Richard Sharman ARPS
01/02/24 Talk (in person): He Shoots, He Scores
How I shoot sports photos that ‘sometimes’ do well in club competitions”. I have shot over 80 different sports and share some of the tips and tricks I have picked up to make the most of action photography. We go from how I got it wrong, (and still do), to being a finalist in the World Sports Photography Awards. And there is some nature included and even the odd landscape on show too, so everyone is included!
Presenter: Andrew Moss
08/02/24 Competition: Set Subject PDI and Print
Set subject for PDI – ‘tools of the trade’ and’ abstract’.
Set subject for print – ‘unloved’ and ‘back lit’ (i.e. Subject is lit from behind).
Judge: Ian Brash CPAGB BPE2*
15/02/24 Talk (zoom): Putting Colour to Work in Photography
Colour is how we see the world. Colour catches the eye, time is inferred by the image colour (day, year, decade), the mood of a picture can be communicated by the colour scheme and the ability to emphasise relationships between subject matter is key. Most important of all, colour can evoke an emotional response in the viewer. This presentation will track the history of colour photography, examine why colour contrasts enhance compositions, discuss colour harmonies and colour grading to produce beautiful images.
Presenter: John Lewis LRPS, BA Hons Photography
22/02/24 Talk (zoom): Overcoming Obstacles
A four year journey from complete beginner to my first photographic distinction, with a few hurdles along the way!” Contains over 80 images, including wildlife, portraiture, still life and composite fine art.
Presenter: Jo Knight DPAGB BPE1* EFIAP QPSA
29/02/24 Competition: 4th Open PDI and Print
Judge: Tim Morland ARPS
07/03/24 Talk (in person): Access All Areas
‘No photographers here please’ …Sorry, but no tripods’ … ‘Yes, I know people are using their phones, but we don’t allow professional cameras’. We’ve all been in situations like this! ‘Access all Areas’ features pictures from locations where I’ve needed special permission to take photos. I explain some basic technical details of taking images and of post-processing and give some tips on gaining access. The talk includes images of live music, water sports (rowing and canoe slalom), architecture and the beginning of a ‘Photo Fifty Strangers’ project.
Presenter: Paul Waller ARPS
14/03/24 Members’ Evening: Tim Jones of Fotospeed – printing and paper choice
21/03/24 Competition: Panel PDI and Print
Members may submit between 3 and 6 images to form their panel (PDI and print).
Judge: Jack Taylor EFIAP DPAGB
28/03/24 Talk (zoom): Winter Wildlife
Different types of wildlife photography create different challenges, and photography in the winter can be quite a challenge! There are many things the photographer has to deal with from short days, through to keeping warm. Other issues can be coping with the snow in terms of focusing, and high exposure compensation which causes lower shutter speeds. The presentation includes images from many years and many different geographic areas.
Presenter: Nigel Spencer
04/04/24 Competition: Smartphone – PDI only
Judge: Jeanette Lendon
11/04/24 Talk (in person): Vive La Difference – Two photographers, same location.
Presenter: Zoe Garnham-Archer and Andrew Garnham
18/04/24 Competition: Best PDI and Print of the Year
Judge: Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB
25/04/24 Members’ Evening: Club AGM followed by Members’ Knock Out Competition. Members can enter up to 3 images – they can be old or new, serious or funny – anything goes!
Date & time to be confirmed Members’ Social: End of season get together and competition awards.
Details will be circulated to members nearer the date.


New members are welcome.  For more information please take a look at our Join Us page