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EGCC encourages membership from all sectors of the community but recognises the need to safeguard young people and vulnerable adults from the possibility of sexual, emotional or physical harm or exploitation.  This policy statement sets out our approach and has been drawn up in accordance with PAGB guidance and on the basis that the club does not require members to have DBS clearance.

For the purposes of the policy statement, young people are defined as any person under the age of 18 years.  

The membership of vulnerable adults will be at the discretion of the club committee.  Applications for membership will generally be considered in line with the rule set for membership of young people aged 16 to18 years, as it relates to a responsible accompanying adult and/or, if appropriate, a designated carer. 

The club will allow participation in its activities as follows:

From 18 years:                                    Full individual membership.

From 16 years and up to 18 years:     Accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who is also a club member or by another club member who has the written approval (addressed to the club chairman) of the parent or legal guardian.

From 14 years and up to 16 years:     Accompanied only by a parent or legal guardian who is also a club member.

The accompanying rules above seek to ensure that guidance to young people (members or guests) is provided directly from a club member responsible for the individual, who will be aware of the likely images displayed and activities undertaken by the club and will monitor their interaction with other members at club meetings and other related functions.

These rules are not intended to prevent the casual attendance of minors at exhibitions or similar events, over which the club has no direct control.

Members are encouraged to participate in the club’s photographic competitions.

Young people may attend club activities (as guided by their accompanying person) as guests with no membership fee. Young persons who wish to also participate in the club’s photographic competitions (as guided by their accompanying person) shall pay an annual membership fee of 50% the full membership fee.

The young people may be initially accompanied by their responsible person (as noted above) for up to a 3 weeks trial, before they apply for membership and longer-term accompanied attendance at club meetings.