A Mid-Morning SnackIan Hacke

Development Section PDI Results

NameTitle 1Score 1Title 2Score 2Total
AnthonyBeevorStained Glass Window, Winchelsea18Spitfire1634
LynneCameronBruges windmill16Coming Up, Going Down1733
AndyConwayA fallen leaf is a summer’s wave goodbye16Alone in the Storm2036
JenFlynnPlaying at trains153 below zero1530
ChrisGriffinMaking A Splash17The Old Flour Mill1734
IanHackeA mid-morning snack16London at dusk1935
ValJenkinsVortex18Swanage Sunrise1735
PaulLittlechildStonechat19Kingfisher with Fish1736
AndrewPickenView of Prague15Dubai at Night1631
JaneStreetTopsy Turvy Beach Walk20Sun’s Rays on Birthday Boy 871636
MaddieWinmillAnyone For Tennis17Er..i am stuck1734
DerekWinsorPeacock Butterfly16Himalayan Balsam in the Sun1632

A Section PDI Results

NameTitle 1Mark 1Title 2MarkTotal
PeterCreaseyFly Agaric15Going Up1631
JoyceFlowerA Wet Day in Wales20Reflection in the Lake1737
SteveHallLRPS BScSmile14In the Eye of the Beholder1933
LawrenceHomewoodAFIAP BPE2* CPAGBMilitary Macaw Landing17Low Flight Great Grey Owl1734
DaveMansiThe Otherside of Belle Tout14Gull Nesting in Cliff1529
AndyMarshallRed Kite – Soaring on the thermals20Late-Summer Osprey, with evening meal.2040
AndyRuxtonDays End16Fungi in decaying tree1632
PaulStuartKestrel (Falco tinnunculus)16Bushy Park Sunburst1733