Due to the current situation with regard to Covid19 images were submited digitally and judged remotely by Tony Beverstock. The following are the winning entries:

1st Place – Lawrence Homewood

Judges comments: I felt that the printing was of a very high quality and lighting of the 6 images was excellent with the faces sharp and backgrounds out of focus. I just wonder if image 1 has been flipped to have her looking inward as the hair style is the opposite way around to the other 5 images. Nevertheless, a worthy winner.

2nd place – Paul Stuart

Judges comments: A beautiful set catching the owl in its search for food with different angles. Most of the shots caught the owl with outspread wings but images 4 and 5 gave alternative shapes. The colour of image 3 was less brown and more grey compared to the other images and image 6 had the wing edges burnt out with the image as a whole brighter than the rest of the set but overall a very pleasing set of a wonderful bird.

3rd Place – Andy Marshall

Judges comments: A lovely set of images of an iconic aircraft showing different angles of flight which holds together well.  It is good that you placed the outer images in both rows facing inwards to hold the set together and stop my eye from going out of the set.  I would have liked to see the top row images lightened a little as some of the detail is darker than the bottom row but it is good that you have given the aircraft room to move into the frame on all the images.

Highly Commended – Dave Mansi

Judges comments: The set of images holds together as a panel reasonably well but I would have swopped number 5 and 6 around as no. 5 points inward and no.6 would then match no. 2 as a second upright image and I would have flipped image 3 although some purists would have noticed that it was wrong!