Fox Cubs [Vulpes vulpes]Gillian Lloyd

Nature – PDI

  Name Title Position
1 Andy Ruxton Tulip Reflection HB
2 Val Jenkins Tree Nymph Butterfly  
3 Dave Mansi Flamingos at Water’s Edge  
4 Paul Stuart Southern Migrant Hawker  
5 Gillian Lloyd Fox Cubs HC
6 Lawrence Homewood Woodland Honey Fungus HC
7 Derek Winsor Black Swans  
8 Julia Lowe Common Lizard  
9 Paul Littlechild Sparrowhawk HB
10 Maddie Winmill Honey Bee  
11 Jen Flynn Globe Artichoke HB
12 Jules Lloyd Kermodo Bear  
13 Lynne Cameron Green Herons on Nest HB
14 Andy Marshall Kingfisher with Prey 3rd
15 Peter Bishop Rainbow, Yorkshire  
16 Andy Ruxton Porcupine Fish, Red Sea HB
17 Val Jenkins Emperor Dragonfly  
18 Dave Mansi Chimpanzees  
19 Paul Stuart Sunset Hare HC
20 Gillian Lloyd Butterfly  
21 Lawrence Homewood Blue Tit Pulls Out Grub 2nd
22 Derek Winsor Honey Bee  
23 Julia Lowe Common Blue Damselfly  
24 Paul Littlechild Nuthatch HB
25 Maddie Winmill American Crocodile  
26 Jen Flynn Pony  
27 Jules Lloyd Sifaka Lemur  
28 Lynne Cameron Long-Billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)  
29 Andy Marshall Osprey at Dawn 1st
30 Peter Bishop New Bracken Growth  

Nature – Prints

  Author Title Position
1 Dave Mansi Cheetah  
2 Lawrence Homewood Liberty Cap (Psilocybe)  
3 Derek Winsor Mute Swans in Still Reflection (Cygnus olor)  
4 Peter Bishop Puffin with Sand Eels  
5 Andy Marshall Eurasian Eagle Owl HC
6 Paul Stuart Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)  
7 Gillian Lloyd Bees (Anihopail) 2nd
8 Dave Mansi White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus)  
9 Lawrence Homewood Heron Reflections  
10 Derek Winsor Shaggy Ink Cap Mushroom (Coprinus comatus)  
11 Peter Bishop Shag Feeding Chick 3rd
12 Andy Marshall Great White Egret HC
13 Paul Stuart Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)  
14 Gillian Lloyd Blue Tits (Cyanistes)

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