Osprey, with Rainbow TroutAndy Marshall

Development Section PDI

NameTitle 1Score 1Title 2Score 2Round Total
Anthony Beevor St Mark’s Basilica14The Corkscrew1933
Lynne Cameron Penmon Lighthouse18High and Dry1836
Andy Conway Anglesey Lighthouse20Surf’s Up!1838
Helen Corbin Reggae Bus14Christmas sparkle1832
Jen Flynn Lobster pots15They are the music men1732
Chris Griffin Seven Sisters from Cuckmere Haven16Dovercourt, Essex1935
Ian Hacke Jersey Storm18Look what I’ve got!1735
Val Jenkins The Arrangement20Colours and Curves1939
Paul Littlechild Kestrel Hover19Kingfisher lunchtime1938
Andrew Picken The Street Singer16James Bond Island Thailand1329
Jane Street Morzine Pleney Chair Lift16Cinque Terra1430
Maddie Winmill Raindrops on Daisy18Bright Eyes…and not so Bright Eyes1735
Derek Winsor On Golden Pond14Fat Pot at Bo Peep Hillclimb1731

A Section Results – PDI

NameDistinctionsTitle 1Score 1Title 2Score 2Round Total
Joyce Flower The Windowcleaners14The Invisible Line1933
Lawrence HomewoodAFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGBThree Degrees16Fairy Lantern Sisters1935
Dave Mansi Just Having a Paddle14My New House Cleaner1529
Andy Marshall Red Deer, Stag20Osprey, with Rainbow Trout2040
Andy Ruxton Baby Romanesco Cauliflower13Many eyes1831
Paul Stuart White Tailed Sea Eagle19Victorian Lady1736