Judge: Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1

A Section

Development Section

A Section Scores

Andy Marshall
Mallard 20
As the mist began to clear… 20

Andy Ruxton
Autumn colours ICM 15
Steaming into Autumn 14

Dave Mansi
City Shadows 17
Autumn Berries 15

Joyce Flower
Is it a Leap too Far 17
A Rose in My Garden 16

Lawrence Homewood AFIAP BPE2* CPAGB
Sarah at Tiffany’s 19
Beauty on the Rocky Shore 18

Paul Littlechild
Sparrowhawk with Kill 18
Gannet courtship 17

Paul Stuart
Durdle Door 18
Misty Morning Stag 17

Peter Bishop
New Mills Weir 15
Brian 15

Peter Creasey
Seed Head 17
Fly Agaric 13

Steve Hall
Angus 20
Lux eterna 18

Development Section Scores

Andrew Picken
There it goes 16
Tian Tan Buddah 15

Andy Conway
Strumblehead Lighthouse 20
Sunset at Strumblehead 19

Anthony Beevor
Dinner for Two 19
Thai Curry for One 16

Chris Griffin
Cuckmere Haven at Dawn 20
Sunset Murmuration 16

Derek Winsor
Inside the Clock 18
Forest Fungi 14

Helen Corbin
Autumnal mandala 20
Welcome 16

Ian Hacke
Walking the Dog 18
Lunch 15

Jen Flynn
The foreboding brute 17
Haven’t seen a thing all day 14

Lynne Cameron
Seven Sisters 17
Social Distancing 15

Maddie Winmill
The Front Door 16
Brighton Beach 15